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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Carnage caused by storms in Texas hits close to home for UConn's Jefferson

Moriah Jefferson had just wrapped up another practice when she grabbed her phone and couldn't believe her eyes.

The text messages, voice mails and emails came in at a furious pace from friends and family members. Some were just checking in to see if her home is Glenn Heights was among those crushed by the tornadoes and to see if her family was OK and others were filling her in on what was going on in her hometown.

"I was actually in practice when it was happening," Jefferson said after Monday night's win over Maryland. "I came back and had a million texts from everybody

"My family is OK, they lost power but that is about it. I had a few friends and some of my friends had friends that lost their houses. My players go out to them and I am really sad about that situation.

"I tried to reach out to a couple of people. I talked to a couple of people (impacted by the storm) and thankfully they have a lot of family in surrounding areas.

"It makes you appreciate life knowing that there are people who actually died in those storms. I am grateful that none of my family members happened to be in the way of it."

Jefferson said that unfortunately the area in Texas she grew up in has had to deal with tornadoes and serious storms in the past.

"In the last couple of years we have had a lot of tornadoes and the city of Lancaster (about a 10-minute drive from Glenn Heights) got destroyed. I remember growing up and one time and the tornadoes are literally in the back yard and it just didn't happen to hit our house. It is something that comes with where you live and it is always scary when it happens."


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