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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

UConn's Morgan Tuck to sit for two weeks

Over the course of the season the UConn coaches and medical staff have tried the one day at a time approach to handle with any knee issues redshirt junior forward Morgan Tuck may have been dealing. Finally it has come time to try a new approach.

Tuck, UConn's second-leading scorer, will miss the next two weeks with the hope that the rest will help her surgically-repaired right knee will feel better.

"We've been going back and forth, a day off and then practice, a day off and then practice, then play a game and two days off," UConn coach Geno Auriemma said. "We are nickel and diming it so Rosemary (Ragle), Dr. (Robert) Arciero talked about it and just give it two weeks and see what it does with rest so she doesn't have to put up with this crap once and for all. We are going to give it a shot and see what happens.

"Nothing new, it is why she doesn't practice every day. It is like every day. She is tired of it and I don't blame her either, it get frustrating after a while so lets give it some rest and take a look at it.

Tuck had played all 39 games last season and the first 12 this season before she sat out the Jan. 8 game at Houston due to soreness in her knee. Now Tuck is expected to miss at least the next four games.

"You always get annoyed because you always want to play but this is a good time to be out for two weeks so I am glad it is now and not later on in the season,' Tuck said after Tuesday's practice.

"I can still be a leader on the this team. I can still use my voice as much as when I go out and did before, I am just not out there helping. I know how to still be a part of the team without playing, I have done it enough."

Tuck played 14 minutes, the fewest of any game she has appeared in this season, in Saturday's win over Temple. She met with UConn athletic trainer Rosemary Ragle about the pain she has been experiencing.

"I'll do cardio every day, either swimming or bike so it is not pounding and still be involved with the team,' Tuck said. "It is not a specific thing you can do, it is more of letting it calm down a little bit
It depends on how it feels. It is like anything, you have to talk to Rosie, if you are in pain, you go to her and talk about it."

While there are plenty of people weighing in on her knee issues having a role in her decision whether to return to UConn for a fifth season of eligibility or declare for the WNBA draft, Tuck said that is not going to be the determining factor.

"I am not going to let that deter my decision, whatever I decide is what I really want to do so I don't want to make that decision based on a fear or how I think my knee will do because I don't know," Tuck said.

Moriah Jefferson also missed today's practice. Auriemma said she banged her head and her knee in a recent fall and he won't know if she will play until tomorrow's shootaround.

"She wasn't 100 percent today," Auriemma said. "She hit her head and she banged her knee so I think her head is telling her 'my knee hurt.' We'll see tomorrow at shootaround."

Auriemma said he is leaning towards Gabby Williams starting in Tuck's place against UCF tomorrow at the XL Center. Ironically, Williams left practice after falling awkwardly. Williams had UConn graduate assistant Jasmine Lister go across the hall to get Ragle who was working in the training room inside UConn's practice facility. Ragle went and retaped Williams' ankle which was a good sign because of Williams' previous knee issues. Williams came back into practice and within seconds, soared off the court to grab a rebound and she had a couple of impressive baskets in the lane late in practice.

Finally, Natalie Butler was playing without a splint or any tape on her thumb or wrist for the first time since she tore a ligament in her thumb. She said it was the first full practice she had since the injury without her thumb being taped.


Anonymous Joe said...

It seems to me that, given her overall credentials and accomplishments, Morgan Tuck may not want to pursue a career in professional basketball (or at least, not in the WNBA). She might easily be just as successful or more so in a business career as in playing basketball for a living.

8:43 AM 

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