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Monday, January 23, 2017

NCAA releases its first top 16 seed projections

At the halftime of the matchup of SEC heavyweights Mississippi State and South Carolina the list was revealed of which schools would be the top 16 seeds if the NCAA tournament began right now.

The No. 1 seeds are UConn, Baylor, South Carolina and Mississippi. The biggest surprise is seeing Maryland as a No. 3 seed in large part due to a strength of schedule of 73  on one RPI, 85 on another (and that includes a game against UConn). If teams were seeded by where they are right now here is the breakdown with a possible Elite Eight rematch with Maryland possible for UConn. Obviously there's a lot of basketball yet to be played but with no non-conference games remaining for Maryland, I don't see them moving up to a No. 2 line without lots of help.

1. UConn
8. Oregon State
9. Maryland
16. Arizona State

2. Baylor
7. Notre Dame
10. Texas
15. Kentucky

3. South Carolina
6. Washington
11. Duke
14. UCLA

4. Mississippi State
5. Florida State
12. Stanford
13. Louisville


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