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Saturday, July 25, 2009

"The Boss" chimes in

In most parts of the country, "The Boss" may refer to Bruce Springsteen but when it comes to UConn women's basketball, it refers to only one person - UConn coach Geno Auriemma.

At halftime and for much of the third quarter Auriemma held court with the media. Considering that five of his former players were in the WNBA All-Star Game and former Husky Rebecca Lobo was announced as a member of the next class which will be inducted into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame.

Auriemma got a little misty eyed when he tried to put the entire day into perspective.

"I've probably coached long enough now to be able to come back and people always tell me the impact that we had, the impact Connecticut basketball has had and
I just kind of shrug it off and move on. A day like today makes you sit back for the first time get a sense of what Connecticut basketball means to the world of basketball in college, in the pros and in the Olympics. It still makes me smile when I think about that."

Auriemma was asked about what he said to Diana Taurasi, who has drunk driving charges to contend with after being pulled over in Phoenix on July 2.

"I spent a lot of time alone talking about a lot of things," Auriemma said. "Diana's not much different. When Diana was in high school, the reason why everybody wanted her was that she was this carefree, free spirit who lived life to the fullest and had a great time on and off the court. That is why people loved her and that's why she is the player that she is. This time it got the best of her.

"Going forward she understands some of the changes that she has to make. She is at the stage right now where we talked about this is the best she ever played, this is the best she has ever looked and an incident like this can make you even better. It forces you to make some changes. We have all been in that situation where something bad could have happened to us. Some of us got caught and some of us didn't. This is going to turn out to be a good thing for her, I really believe that."

Auriemma also addressed the health of his current star - rising junior Maya Moore who missed the World University Games with a strained knee.

"She's great, there's nothing wrong with her," Auriemma said. "She is fine. She called me when it happened and said she felt something. It was the same thing that happened during the season so it wasn't significant enough that anything had to be done. People at USA Basketball were probably like 'we are not going to play her and have anything happen.'"

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