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Friday, March 23, 2012

Some new obstacles for UConn

In recent years it seemed inevitable that the UConn women's basketball team would be seeing a team it faced during the regular season during a run to the Final Four. Last year few introductions were necessary when Connecticut had to beat Georgetown in the Sweet 16 and Duke in the Elite Eight.

However, the selection committee changed things up a little bit this year. Of the 15 teams UConn could have faced in the Kingston bracket, the only one which had faced UConn this season was Rutgers. Any thoughts of a third meeting this season between the Huskies and Scarlet Knights were dashed quickly when Rutgers lost in the first round.

Now Penn State, a team UConn has not played since 2008, is the next obstacle on Sunday afternoon. If UConn wins it would need to beat either Kentucky or Gonzaga. UConn and Kentucky have not met since 1999 while UConn and Gonzaga have never played.

"I think it is good both ways," UConn coach Geno Auriemma said. "I like the fact that they don't know as much about us as some of those teams did last year. I don't know as much about them as I would like to know. I like the fact that they don't know as much about us probably more than I like that we know little about them. When we get caught up on what we need to know then I like it a lot because I would like to think we are not always team to play against even thought you have a week to get ready."

According to a story in the Gwinnett Daily Post announcing UConn recruiting target Diamond DeSheilds as the paper's player of the year, the highly-sought after 6-2 junior has cut her list of schools to Connecticut, Duke, Maryland, North Carolina and Tennessee. Not too many surprises in her list of five but I'd be surprised to see DeShields make a decision any time soon.

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Blogger MikeMC said...

Why would DeShields want to come to UCoNN when they have so much talent and three top players coming in the Fall? At some point, a recruit must ask herself "how much playing time will be available for me?

8:54 PM 
Anonymous JR said...

DeShields is a wing player which none of the incoming freshmen are. By the time she would arrive, Faris and Doty would have graduated. She'd be looking at one year coming off the bench and then an open spot when Hartley's gone.

Thus, by her sophomore year DeShields could be starting alongside KML on the wing to go with Stewart, Jefferson and Tuck.

For me, any playing time issue should be more of a concern for Tuck, at least for her first two seasons and also Taya Reimer if she were to commit.

4:42 AM 
Anonymous JR said...

Moriah Jefferson had 35 points, 5 boards, 5 assists and 5 steals Friday to lead THESA to the championship game. There's a nice article about her here:

5:00 AM 
Anonymous Lorena Wood said...

Jefferson is not as battle tested as Stewart and Tuck. Jefferson did not make the USA U- teams that Stewart and Tuck did. Of the 3, Jefferson will have the most difficulty breaking into the starting lineup. Jefferson has speed but could get hurt running full speed into a blind screen set by a large college young women.

9:10 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deshields as a freshman will come in when Bria Hartley and Stephanie Dolson are seniors. Hayes will have left, as will Caroline Doty and Kelly Faris. Lots of spots opening up by the time DD arrives in Storrs.

11:11 AM 

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