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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Geno: Mosqueda-Lewis won't play tomorrow

Following Tuesday morning's press conference announcing Geno Auriemma's partnership with UConn's School of Business which will result in a two-day leadership conference in late April, he took time to provide an update on sophomore forward Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis.

Mosqueda-Lewis was hit in the side of the head late in Saturday's win over Purdue at the Paradise Jam and is dealing with concussion-like symptoms.

"She didn't practice yesterday and probably won't practice yesterday and definitely won't play tomorrow," Auriemma said. "Beyond that it is all a matter of how she passes the (baseline) test. I talked to her yesterday and it was 'my head hurts.' It is funny because it didn't look like she got hit in the head. She said 'I don't remember getting hit in the head, coach.' It wasn't one of those that her head hit the floor or somebody hit her with a direct shot in the head. It was just one of those glancing blows that kind of got her neck going in a bad direction. You would rather err on the side of caution and that is what we were going to do. It wouldn't matter who we were playing. The procedure especially with all the data out there with concussions now, the procedure is pretty well spelled out about how many steps you can go through before you can play. Unless she came in Monday morning and Rosemary (Ragle) and Doc (Tom Trojian) said it was perfect, work  her in Monday, practice Tuesday, play Wednesday. Since that didn't happen, it wouldn't matter who we were playing."

There was good news coming out of playing three games in three days, especially with junior guard Bria Hartley able to work her way back into the flow after missing nearly all of preseason camp and the first two games of the season with a sprained ankle.

"The most encouraged I was about practice was one day at practice or one day at a shootaround when we were getting ready to play, she and Kelly were going at it in a really good battle. It was the best I have seen Bria look since Oct. 15 and that is when I thought she is getting there and is really close."

Mosqueda-Lewis' injury followed Hartley's month-long absence and had Auriemma just shaking his head.

"It is funny how this works," Auriemma said. "If you have 10 or 11 guys who can really play, somebody gets hurt. It is almost like the basketball Gods are saying 'you don't need her.' It is unfortunate because I thought up to this point Kaleena was probably our best player."

With what happened to Mosqueda-Lewis and only one recruit coming in, I asked Auriemma if he wants to add a couple of non-schlolarship players to the roster next year to keep a starter from being in the game late in lopsided wins.

"With all the practice players, I would rather those other guys get playing time," Auriemma said. "I would rather Moriah Jefferson be in the game for the last five minutes than (walk ons)."


Anonymous Joe said...

I understand Geno wanting to have his bench get needed playing time to sharpen their skills in a game situatoin; at the same time, he needs to realize how important it is to have his starters avoid garbage time injuries. After all, the other team probably is going deep into THEIR bench and the opposing team's players will not be as skilled, which makes them more dangerous (inadvertantly) due to their awkwardness.

9:47 AM 

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