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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Faris delivers for Huskies

In many ways Monday night may have been one of Kelly Faris' greatest moments in her four year run with the Huskies.

Faris flirted with the first quadruple double in UConn history and finished with eight points,seven rebounds, seven assists and a career-high eight steals while helping to hold Maryland's Alyssa Thomas to six points on 2 of 12 shooting.

"I said that 100 times and that is why the Big East coaches never vote her for anything so they are stuck with the guys they have and they have the record they have and we have her," UConn coach Geno Auriemma said. "It is a great example of how somebody can dominate  a game and take six shots.

"She is at another level from conditioning, mental toughness, athletic ability. People don't recognize what a great athlete she is, how many things she can do, how fast she is and how strong she is. We don't have anybody else like her."

Keeping with her personality, Faris was nitpicking her flaws from the game highlighted by some late fouls she committed rather than patting herself on the back for an outstanding all-around effort.

Faris had one of the signature plays of the game. Brianna Banks had just drained a 3-pointer to give the Huskies a 10-point lead when Maryland was trying to get the lead back into single digits. Faris was knocked to the ground battling with Thomas, got up and was jostled some more before stepping in front of a pass intended for Thomas. Faris got the ball ahead to Hartley who scored while being fouled by Thomas. The three-point play pushed the lead to 13 points and Maryland never got the lead into single figures again.

"You are in the moment," Faris said when asked to recall that pivotal play. "It was a fast-paced game and as a team we were able to get a lot of steals. Defensively we did a pretty good job. That was one of the plays that we were able to execute on offensively on our fast break and get something out of it. We needed a few more of those. I felt good about most of my game. When I got back in at the end, there we a few, I committed some stupid fouls. Those are the things that kind of stick with me afterwards when you make the dumb plays like that. First half, individually, I felt pretty good about it."

Following the game, Auriemma was asked about the status of sophomore forward Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis who suffered a quad contusion after being undercut on her way to the basket in the first half. Auriemma first said she was probable and then with a playful grin changed it to doubtful. In other words, her status for Thursday's game against Penn State will be determined by whether she can practice on Wednesday.

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Anonymous Hee Haw Hank said...

Hartley has become UConn's version of Meghan Simmons. Poor judgement. Shooter first. "Point Guard" second. Doris Burke was accurate in her technical evaluation in Hartley. And I dislike Burke more than anyone.

5:56 AM 
Anonymous Mark Fletcher said...

Jim, looking for your opinion here. Auriemma once again bestowed well deserved superlatives upon Faris.

It seems to me that UConn has a much better chance to win the NCAA title this season than next. Even with Griner and Sims lurking.

Faris clearly improves UConn from Top 10 to Top 4. So does the leaner and quicker Dolson.

I will enjoy this season and next. But in 2014-15, I have to wonder if UConn will return to the post Taurasi blues.

I look forward to your comments. Thanks and regards.

7:46 PM 
Blogger Jim Fuller said...

I'm not sure if I'd agree as beating Baylor will be no easy task in the NCAA tournament. UConn also has five of its top 10 players who either did not play at all or had marginal roles last season so you never know how those players will respond come crunch time. Next year's team will be a lot more game tested although they will miss the grit of Faris and Doty.

As for 2014-15, any team starting with Breanna Stewart and Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis to build around shouldn't have too much of a drop off but obviously it depends on how well UConn does in the next recruiting class.

11:17 AM 

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