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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Former UConn recruits square off

                                                                                                                                                                       (Associated Press photo)
Former UConn recruit Elena Delle Donne has no regrets after leaving the Huskies to play for her home-state Delaware squad. Delle Donne recently scored her 3,000th career point and has Blue Hens in Sweet 16 for 1st time.

                                                 (Associated Press photo)
Former UConn forward Samarie Walker back in state
as member of Kentucky basketball squad.
Had things turned out differently, Elena Delle Donne and Samarie Walker would have been part of the same star-studded UConn lineup.

However, Delle Donne left after spending two days on campus in the summer of 2008 while Walker played 17 games for the Huskies during the 2010-11 before transferring.

Now their paths cross on a court in the state of Connecticut but not as members of the seven-time national champions but in the regional semifinal between Delaware and Kentucky at a sold out Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport.

Both players would rather have talked about anything else when meeting with the media yesterday but knew that the questions were coming.

My colleagues Chris Hunn and Mary Albl caught up with the former top UConn recruits updating folks of Delle Donne's remarkable four years at Delaware and Walker's continued success at Kentucky.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miller 3023
Chamique 3026
Maya 3036
EDD 3039

All got there vastly different ways. Miller was ahead of her time and there was not much competition in the early 80s.

Chamique only played 1 season with Semeka and Tamika. I think her place in WCBB is over looked because of her well known depression problems and recent arreast.

Maya shared the ball with Renee 2 seasons and Tina 3 seasons. But in doing so had less double teams until her senior season.

EDD played in the CAA, somewhat like the D-league is to the NBA. She was Delaware's top 3 options for 4 seasons - outside jumper, drive, or automatic FTs. And thus was double and tripled team constantly.

If EDD and Maya played together, neither would have been close to 3000 points. Most likely they would have scored Diana like numbers. And just maybe Tina doesn't break out until her senior season. UConn might not have lost for 3+ seasons.

One thing is for sure. EDD will have to play defense in the WNBA. They will go right at her.

2:23 AM 

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