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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Notre Dame's response on playing series with UConn

Notre Dame women's basketball sports information director Chris Masters sent out an email disputing that Notre Dame is not interested in setting up a non-conference series with UConn.

Here is what Masters had to say in the email

"The recent published reports that Notre Dame is not interested in playing Connecticut in the near future are completely false, extremely disappointing and, frankly, baffling. In fact, Notre Dame contacted Connecticut late last spring regarding a game in 2013-14, but Connecticut’s schedule was already complete. The parties agreed to resume scheduling discussions for future seasons. The recent reports were particularly disappointing in light of the fact that the coach responsible for Notre Dame’s scheduling had left a message for Connecticut’s scheduling administrator regarding a game in 2014-15 on November 25 – just seven days before the media reports regarding Notre Dame’s alleged lack of interest.

Notre Dame's position has never once changed —we want to play Connecticut and would enjoy the opportunity to continue our series next season and beyond. We believe it's in the best interest of college basketball fans everywhere that this series continue, and we remain hopeful that Connecticut will respond affirmatively to Notre Dame regarding our recent inquiry."


Blogger JC said...

Someone is not being truthful here. I don't know how you reconcile Master's email with Deb Corum's definitive statement that Notre Dame said they were not interested in playing at this time. I hope Deb Corum clarifies what she said. If she publicly misrepresented ND's position than she needs to answer to somebody for that. The women's game doesn't need this level of gamemanship.

6:06 PM 
Anonymous kelom geulis said...

thanks for information

2:24 AM 
Anonymous Joe said...

Hey, JC, let's not over-react here. I've seen many situations in which a server's spam filter prevented essential communication from being delivered to its intended recipient.

9:27 AM 

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