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Friday, December 06, 2013

UConn taking positives from blowout wins

Some of the scores have been downright frightening
UConn 114, Oregon
UConn 96, Boston University 38
UConn 100, Monmouth 46
UConn 88, St. Bonaventure 39
and most recently UConn 97, UC Davis 37

So other the boosting the confidence of its players and getting some playing time for walk-ons, what exactly does UConn get out of these types of games. Plenty, according to UConn coach Geno Auriemma.

"It doesn't matter what the score of the game is, there is stuff that happens in a game whether it is a close game or a game like tonight, stuff that happens there you go 'that is really good,'" Auriemma said. "Then there is stuff that you shake your head and you just can't believe it. You can't let the score of the game dictate how the coaching staff is going to evaluate players. Sometimes in a game like this, it can get sloppy. You can let your concentration wander and start doing dumb stuff but I thought today we did some really good things, we probably tipped more passes today than we did the whole year combined and that is a good sign."

With so many games in rapid succession there hasn't been a ton of practice time recently. When UConn does hit the practice court, Auriemma has been cutting the sessions short since the Huskies only had six or seven healthy full scholarship players.

With no games until the Huskies play at No. 2 on Dec. 17, there will be ample time for Auriemma to get his team into the gym and work on some stuff.

"We really look forward to that," UConn sophomore forward Breanna Stewart said. "Obviously you have time to really focus and have a lot of time to focus on little things go into practice and it also helps to really take some time to focus on finals and finish the semester strong and looking forward to (playing) Duke."

With UConn going on two 14-0 runs and another 22-0 burst, it got me to wondering how many times the Huskies have ripped off 10 or 20 straight points in a game this season. So I spent some time going through the box scores of the 10 games and the answer is a staggering 18 double-digit runs.

31-0 St. Bonaventure
23-0 Monmouth
22-0 Boston University/UC Davis
21-0 Boston University
19-0 Oregon
18-0 Hartford
16-0 Monmouth
14-0 UC Davis (2)
13-0 Oregon
12-0 Penn State/Monmouth
11-0 Oregon/Boston University/St. Bonaventure/Ohio State
10-0 Oregon

It was rather interesting that former UConn players Michala Johnson and Lauren Engeln got to square off with their new teams last night.

Johnson had 21 points (on 10 of 16 shooting), seven rebounds, two assists, one steal and one blocked shot as Wisconsin defeated Engeln's Boston College team 74-59.

Engeln had six points, five rebounds and two assists.

Johnson played 39 minutes while Engeln played 35 minutes in the game. As a point of reference, Engeln played 32 minutes in her final nine games at UConn as a sophomore while Johnson played 36 minutes in the final 10 games she played in as a sophomore.

Johnson is the second-leading scorer (15 points per game) and rebounder (7.9) while starting every game for the 5-2 Badgers.

Engeln has started all eight games for BC. She is fifth on the team averaging 7.6 points per game and has a team-high 29 assists. 

Although Engeln and Johnson came to UConn in the same class as seniors Stefanie Dolson and Bria Hartley, they have an additional year of eligibility after sitting out last season due to NCAA rules on transfers.


Blogger James Kerwin said...

I wish them well Engeln and Johnson sound like the 3 expatriots (which included UK Walker) seem to have nice College careers in the making.
Poor Steff Dolson and Bria Hartley--they've been shouted at by Geno for nearly 4 year--all they got to show for it is--Both are All Americans and Both have NCAA Championship rings and maybe another in the making.

2:51 PM 

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