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Thursday, December 05, 2013

UConn's Tuck hopes knee issues are in rear-view mirror

The whole subject of knee injuries is no laughing matter but in the midst of discussing her previous medical issues, UConn sophomore forward found that she was cracking herself up.

I was curious if Tuck had been given any reason why her right knee, and not the left one which she had to undergo surgery a few years back to repair of torn ACL, has troubled her enough to have surgery last month.

In the midst of declaring that the knee that she tore her ACL is the one she considers to be her healthy one caused Tuck was let her guard down and chuckle just a little bit.

"I have no idea," Tuck said of the recent right knee issues. "I know after my ACL I didn't think I would have another knee injury. I don't think anybody who has knee injuries, like Caroline (Doty) who had a bunch of surgeries, I don't you think 'oh, I am going to have a surgery.' The mindset after is I just need to get back on the court and once you get past the mental part of you know your knee is strong and it is going to last ... You never know what happens. My ACL knee feels great, I consider that my good knee. Do I ever think I am going to hurt my left knee, again, no I don't but you never know what is in store.

"It was a while between the two injuries so it must have been something. The right one is definitely not as bad as an ACL, maybe I kind of have bad knees but it is all right."

Obviously Tuck is happy that she could be back on the court practicing about a month after surgery when it could have been 1 1/2 months just as easily.

"Four weeks they said was the minimum so to come back in four weeks (is exciting)," Tuck said.  "I am not expecting to be out there doing some crazy stuff and being all in shape but I am excited that all the hard work, missing games and missing practice that I will finally be able to get back into it."



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