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Sunday, January 12, 2014

High praise for Baylor star

Geno Auriemma isn't one to merely throw out compliments to players simply because that it who is up next on UConn's schedule so that makes what he had to say about Baylor senior guard Odyssey Sims all the more noteworthy.

"I have watched her on film and she is the best player I have seen this year, no question, nobody else is every close," Auriemma said of the nation's leading scorer and Baylor's all-time leader in assists and 3-pointers. "She can hit the 3, she gets in the lane, she fouls you out, she makes runners."

Auriemma got to see Sims up close and personal when she was one of the college players invited to the national team training camp run by Auriemma.

"She takes a little while to warm up to," Auriemma said. "She is not a very outspoken, outgoing type of kid, she is quiet in a lot of ways. Her game is not quiet but she is so you really have to pay attention and try to get to know her a little bit. The one thing I did notice is she is a fierce competitor, she is a physically tough kid, she takes great care of the basketball. I thought she played as well as any of the guards who were out there at that training camp. I had never been around her in that setting and I was very impressed with what she did."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sims and Ogwumike are the 2 best players in WCBB. It is a 2 player race for POY.

I expect Kim to instruct Sims to attempt to get Jefferson and Dolson in early foul trouble. If that happens, all bets are off.

Hartley does not have PG skills. Her and Stewart can score points. But their shots/points ratio at times are that of a volume shooter.

Except for the Duke game, KML has appeared to be in a funk at times. Because there are so many scorers, KML and Dolson have not gotten enough touches in some games.

If UConn loses, Baylor has a good chance to beat UConn's home win streak record.

12:22 PM 

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