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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Mosqueda-Lewis getting back into the flow for UConn

Perhaps the best thing to happen in UConn's first two games in the American Athletic Conference tournament is getting Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis to get back in the rhythm offensively.

Mosqueda-Lewis was just starting to get it all back when she was diagnosed with mononucleosis. After scoring in double figures for a season high four straight games, Mosqueda-Lewis was forced to miss the next four games.

She did get back in time to play against Rutgers and Louisville in the final two games of the regular season and now she has a chance to play three games in three days.

In the first two games Mosqueda-Lewis has averaged 15.5 points per game highlighted by a 19-point showing in the semifinals against Rutgers.

"I feel like it is getting better," Mosqueda-Lewis said. "Hopefully we have seven more games and I can do it for seven more games.

"It is a perfect time to get the rust out, you can't really think about the last game and what you did before, you just go out and . It feels good and my teammates are finding me in the right places."

If UConn coach Geno Auriemma had his way, he would have more games for Mosqueda-Lewis to play in after tomorrow's AAC final but the Huskies will get nearly two weeks off until opening play in the NCAA tournament. Still, seeing her making shots should be a huge benefit moving forward in Auriemma's opinion.

"She has been frustrated for the majority of the season," Auriemma said. "I don't know that as a player when you are constantly frustrated  at what you can't and what you can't do now so that has been a little difficult for her and I know that has gotten her down a little bit but knocking in some shots like she did today that kind of helps everything. The worst thing is when you feel terrible and you are not healthy, kid of frustrate and you are missing shots, that is the worst so knocking in some shots today was just what the doctor ordered."


Anonymous UConn Husky Fan said...

2000-2001 UConn womens basketball team was insanely talented and deep. Unfortunately two season ending injuries to senior All Americans prevented what might have been a 5-peat National Champion.

I see some slight similarities with the 2013-14 UConn womens basketball team. Huskies lost their 6th woman to a season ending knee surgery.

A reserve has struggled all season coming back from ACL surgery. And of course KML has had bad luck with injuries And illness.

Because of 3 transfers and a 1 player recruit class, this UConn team is not deep. Auriemma will play his 5 starters until they drop, tonight and in March Madness.

Playing 2 reserves simultaneously has dramatically slowed the UConn offense on too many occasions. Playing 3 reserves has led to chaos on offense. So I do not expect to see more than 1 reserve on the court at a time, tonight and in March Madness.

5 UConn starters average 10+ points per game. 2001-2002 UConn womens basketball team had 4 players averaging 14+ points and 1 player averaging 9+. Balance and Assists are UConn's strength on offense.

Unfortunately the Huskies cannot rely on their bench if KML, Hartley, and Stewart all struggle from 3-pointers and deep 2-pointers. It is what it is.

Can the Huskies defense hold Louisville to 65 or less? And depending upon the NCAA brackets, can UConn hold North Carolina, Maryland, Kentucky, Tennessee, or Notre Dame to 65 or less?

No one thought the 78-0 UConn team would only score 12 in the first half of a National Championship game. I do not see that happening with this UConn team.

But a poor shooting night, possible foul trouble, and no offensive threats on the bench could lead to UConn scoring less than 60. Huskies might have to win 1 or all of their last 7 games on defense.

No one thought Louisville could take down Baylor last season. ESPN continues to ignore the fact the referees affected the outcome of that game, which has been billed as the greatest upset ever in WCBB.

I can only hope that referees do not sacrifice UConn this March Madness, in order to get the next greatest upset ever and to improve ratings.

Wishing KML much luck and hoping she drains seven 3 pointer tonight and in the NCAA championship.

9:46 AM 

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