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Monday, April 07, 2014

UConn's women's players hoping history repeats

Back in 2004 UConn was the unquestionable center of the college basketball world with the Huskies' men's and women's teams both captured the Division I national titles.

Now the Huskies are on the verge of doing it again.

It's a pretty safe assumption that when UConn and Kentucky meet for the men's title, the women's team will be making a commotion wherever they may be.

"The boys have made it 10 times special for us and I am sure they feel the same way about us, it is just mutual respect that we have for each other and excitement," UConn senior center Stefanie Dolson said. "I am so proud of them that they have made it as far as they did. Nobody expected them to and it makes it even sweeter. For Bria and I, Shabazz (Napier), Tyler (Olander)_, Niels (Giffey) being all the seniors and kind of have a chance for both teams to go out with a bang and for the university is something really special."

Obviously if UConn emerges victorious in the next two nights, the state of Connecticut will be able to show their appreciation for what UConn has accomplished when the state holds championship celebrations but players on both teams can already feel the love from the UConn fans.

"The state of Connecticut and the UConn fan base, they have been great," Breanna Stewart said. "We have a lot of faith in our men and they have done it so far and they have one more game and they are going to bring the title back.

"I don't think it adds pressure because we expect ourselves to be here every year whether our men's team is or not just because as a team, we want to be in the national championship game every year. If we win tonight, I am sure it is going to increase our motivation to win tomorrow because we want to be the team that wins on the men's and women's side in the same year."


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