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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kansas State transfer fiasco solved

Transfers have certainly made plenty of news during the spring and summer.

As if there wasn't enough buzz surrounding national freshman of the year Diamond DeShields' decision to leave North Carolina for a destination yet to be announced, the decision at Kansas State not to allow fellow gifted freshman Leticia Romero to transfer created as much hoopla and discussion among non women's basketball media types as any transfer story I can recall.

ESPN's Jay Bilas was among those letting loose via social media on Kansas State's stance to refuse to release her meaning she would have to pay for her own school for a year if she decided to transfer.

Well, earlier today Kansas State finally relented and released Romero.

Kansas State announces it has granted release of Leticia Romero under school's new policy. She can't transfer to a Big 12 school.


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