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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Special visitor in Tampa for UConn's Williams

The conversations on Skype over these last couple of weeks have meant the world to UConn freshman Gabby Williams but there is nothing quite like that moment when she met the newest member of the Williams' family

Williams' sister gave birth to a daughter named Carter on St. Patrick's Day and even though it wasn't going to be the easiest of trips, mom and daughter did make the journey to Tampa for the Final Four.

Williams and her sister are close enough that they received matching tattoos when Gabby was just 15.

"She is the person I call if I have trouble with anything, if I have trouble with school or practice, she is the first person I am going to talk to," Williams said.

Obviously Carter has been a popular topic of conversation in the last week or two.
"Every day, she sends me pictures every day," Williams said. I have more pictures of her than myself in my phone,.

"I was really excited , Even though I was in Connecticut, I feel like I was with her throughout the entire process and girls, nothing against my nephew, but they are way more fun to but clothes for and all that. I  have to stop myself from just buying everything. I don't care, I am coming out there and bringing her (everything)."

Williams would like nothing more than for her family to see her have a huge performance in tonight's game against Maryland. Williams knows that she didn't play her best during the regionals but is ready to contribute in her first Final Four.

"Just being on the court and the atmosphere, it really hit me when I was going through shootaround," Williams said.
The last two games the girls got bigger so I feel like I didn't play my best because I think I got nervous with that but now I am more used to it and I think I trust myself to be able to go by them and use my quickness instead of being scared that they are bigger than I am.

"I think I got my nerves out the last couple of games.".



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