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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

UConn's Auriemma has seen his golf tournament spread its wings

Annually those who cover the 10-time national champion UConn women's basketball program circle that Monday in June when Geno Auriemma's annual Fore The Kids golf tournament is held at the Hartford Golf Club.

That is the day when we get to catch up Auriemma, some of his returning players and usually get to speak to the freshmen for the first time. While it is an incredibly productive day for the assembled media (this is blog No. 3 off the event with more to come), it would be a mistake not to look at the bigger picture.

The annual tournament has raised millions of dollars for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center making sure a difference is so many lives. Auriemma doesn't even remember how many years in a row he has held the golf tournament but is amazed to see how it has grown. The first event had 60-70 golfers but now there are 190 golfers who sign up for the event.

"Each year we grow it a little bit more," Auriemma said. "What we can offer people to come here, how many corporate sponsors we have been able to add and how much money we have been able to deliver to the Connecticut Childen's hospital but we have a great setup. We have the best golf course, Joe Connerton our pro is the best and his staff, our corporate sponsors take care of us every which we can to maximize the money going to the hospital, all volunteers.

"We can only get it so big without making it a 10-hour day of golf. When I first got involved we made $10,000 and had a very small group of people and ever since then it has gone to 190 golfers and I don't know if you go much more than that. We have a new committee starting next year, Brien Beakey and Joe Campise have stepped down and we have some new people coming in and we will talk about some ideas moving forward and see where that takes us."


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