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Friday, November 06, 2015

Sunday won't be just another preseason game at UConn

There will be more on the decision to utilize some experimental rules for Sunday's preseason game against Vanguard in the next day or two but here's a breakdown of what to expect for the 2 p.m. contest at Gampel Pavilion.

Before the game begins the national-championship banner will be unveiled and players will be presented with championship rings so UConn officials are requesting that fans get to the game a little earlier than normal. There will also be a ceremony when the ladders used to cut down the nets after the national championship game will be presented to UConn coach Geno Auriemma who will autograph them and then they will be paid of a fundraising auction.

For anybody wondering why all of this is being done before a preseason game, the first regular-season game at Gampel is against Notre Dame and considering that the Huskies defeated the Fighting Irish to win the program's 10th national title, it would not be the best idea to have all of these ceremonies right in front of Notre Dame.

Here are the rules being used just for this game

The width of the lane will be 16 feet, which is 4 feet wider than NCAA play.
The 3-point line will be at the international distance of 22 feet, 1 inch. The NCAA line is 20 feet, 9 inches from the basket.
A team will not be granted a timeout unless it has possession of the ball. (If a team scores a field goal, it will not be granted a timeout immediately after the basket, which can occur under NCAA rules.)
The game will be played with a 24-second shot clock instead of a 30-second shot clock.
A team must advance the ball into the frontcourt in 8 seconds instead of 10 seconds.
The game will be played with a men’s basketball instead of a women’s basketball.
The game clock will stop following made field goals with two minutes or less remaining in the fourth quarter or overtime periods.

Additionally, the teams will play with different substitution rules:

Both teams are allowed to substitute on dead balls after the official is done communicating with the scorer’s table.
Both teams are allowed to substitute when the ball becomes dead following a successful last, or only, free throw.
Neither team is allowed to substitute when the ball is at the disposal of a player who is inbounding the ball.


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