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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Stewart's impressive game almost featured her first dunk at UConn

About the only thing missing during the interviews following Saturday's 90-37 win over SMU was somebody imitating the late Don Adams' money line "they missed it by that much" during his time playing the role of Mexwell Smart on Get Smart.

With 2:23 left in the third quarter Breanna Stewart was already threatening to post the first quadruple double in UConn women's basketball history when she grabbed a missed jumper by Moriah Jefferson and made a two-handed attempt to slam the ball home.

Stewart's first dunk attempt in a game at UConn ended with the rim rattling and Stewart running up the floor with a huge smile on her face.

"I saw the ball coming off the rim and I was going in to put it back in," Stewart said. "I figured the opportunity was there so I might as well try it. It was close but I didn't have a great control of the ball but I think to even see that, it will be nice for the next time.
"When you hear the crowd gasp like that and the rim rattled a little bit and you don't hear that in a women's game. I think that raised some eyebrows and it was awesome.

"It is something, it is not extremely important to dunk a basketball or anything like that but if I can do it in a game it would be cool because it would do a lot for women's basketball and it would be a cool experience. It is not like I am dying to do it.

Stewart finished with 15 points, a career-high nine blocks to go with seven assists, three steals and no turnovers even though she did not play in the fourth quarter. UConn Hall of Fame coach Geno Auriemma said Stewart "put on a nice show for the fans."

It was almost a historic one as she narrowly missed becoming the first UConn women's player to dunk in a game.

"She was proud of herself," Auriemma said. "She was happy with herself. Usually when she misses a layup or something, she tries to avoid eye contact for the next couple of possessions because she knows that I can't stand that she misses a layup but (after) this one, she made sure to look over and held (eye) contact with me all the way up the floor. I thought she was going to trip over somebody. I wanted to call a timeout and say, 'get over yourself.'"
The reality is Auriemma and all of his staff members were smiling just as much as Stewart for the next several moments.
"It was so close," said Moriah Jefferson, who had a game-high 19 points. "If she would have made it, I probably would have run off the court and it would have been over - nobody would have saw me again.

"It is just fun. Anytime you are on the court when something like that happens, if you see the next couple of plays we were kind of out of it. I don't even know what we were doing after that, we were really just focusing on that play but those are the type of memories that you are going to remember fro a long time so I am excited to be on the court when that happened."


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