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Monday, January 25, 2016

UConn/ESPN working on streaming issues

Although Saturday's game against SMU was supposed to be streamed on ESPN3 outside the SNY broadcast area as is the case with all the UConn women's basketball games televised on SNY, that was not the case.

I was altered to the fact that the SMU game wasn't listed on ESPN3 games being streamed on Saturday. I checked in with the UConn folks about an hour before the game. They reached out to the programming people at ESPN and were told that with all the weather issues at the time, it might be difficult to get the game up in time.

There has been plenty of communication between UConn athletic department personnel and those in the programming department at ESPN since Saturday with Neil Eskin, UConn's Senior Associate Director of Athletics, taking the lead on UConn's end. UConn has been assured that this is an isolated incident and all future SNY games will be available on ESPN3 (unless you live in the SNY broadcast area).

Wednesday's Tulsa game is not currently on the list of games carried on ESPN3 on Wednesday night but earlier today UConn received confirmation from ESPN that the Tulsa game and all the other games shown on SNY or any of the ESPN stations will be available on ESPN3.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks. I live in Florida and SNY is not offered. I pay $10 for an All Sports Package which includes ESPN3. Thanks again

3:22 PM 

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