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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

UConn's Auriemma weighs in on Carla Berube's coaching success

Today was and is the annual call with the four Final Four head coaches. Geno Auriemma was up first and naturally there were plenty of big picture type questions but thankfully not too many on the silly "is UConn's dominance bad for the sport" subject.

Auriemma was, for him, somewhat reserved with how he addressed the subject of four male head coaches advancing their teams to the Final Four, why his program's dominance is viewed in a negative way as opposed to some powerhouses in men's sports and of course why UConn played at Colgate and not Syracuse for Breanna Stewart's homecoming game.

Some of his answers will be posted here but first I thought I would give his take on Carla Berube, a key player on Auriemma's first national championship team, leading her Tufts program into the Division III title game.

"When Carla Berube was a player at Connecticut, I think she probably said one word as a freshman, two as a sophomore, three as a junior and then I think she said a sentence once she was a senior," Auriemma said. "For her to go into coaching was an unbelievable shock for me. For her to be a really good coach, I am not surprised because she is really competitive, she is really bright, she is a tough kid. I singled her out to shoot the two free throws that iced the game in the national championship game her sophomore year and we had Jen Rizzotti, Jamelle Elliott, Rebecca Lobo, Nykesha Sales and Kara Wolters and I am not surprised.

"Does she reach out to me? After spending four years with me, very few of my former players who are coaches reach out to me for anything unless they need me to buy dinner when we are traveling.

"What I am most proud of is that they have all gone out and done it their own way and coached (to)their personality. Any of my former players who went into coaching, the biggest mistake they could make would be to 'I am going to do it exactly the way Coach Auriemma did it.' That is not the winning edge and I am really proud of them."


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