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Friday, February 03, 2017

For UConn's Dangerfield, the waiting is not the most difficult part

Crystal Dangerfield is back into the flow of practice after two weeks of inactivity due to a stress reaction in her left foot. However, the freshman guard is still trying to get going full speed especially what UConn coach Geno Auriemma and assistant coach Shea Ralph would consider her top speed.

When today's practice ended and some extra shooting was done by the players, the Huskies who were requested for interviews held court with the assembled media. However, Dangerfield was on the other side of the practice court having a heart to heart chat with Ralph (who appeared to do most of the talking).

"They want to see it from me and they expect it from me, being able to fight back and go do it," Dangerfield said. "I take it to heart. I think I beat myself up too much and that is what I see, me giving up on myself. They want to see me make another play, go get another stop defensively and don't turn the ball over.

Dangerfield will play in her second straight game and Auriemma is uncertain if there will be a restriction on her playing time. If her minutes are limited it may come as a result of her not getting enough done and not to risk a flare up with her foot.

"Shea is telling me, when you get tired, you get frustrated just keep pushing through it," Dangerfield said after Friday's practice.

"The next couple of weeks are important just trying to get into shape and make theese practices count, have them transferring into these last few contests, these last (eight) games going into tournament play," Dangerfield said.

"I have possessions when I work hard, it is just consistency, putting three, four, five plays together and then have those turns into days, into weeks and into months. I just have to find it. It is going to take time and it is still taking time but eventually it is going to come or I am not going to play."

Junior guard Kia Nurse has a tender ankle and she was held out of most of practice but Auriemma is expecting her to play on Sunday against Tulane.


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