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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Luggage nightmare for the Dream

Atlanta Dream coach Marynell Meadors was playfully apologizing to members of the Connecticut Sun staff for her less than dapper choice of clothing for tonight's game.

The team's luggage was lost on its flight from Indiana to Connecticut. The team has its uniforms but no other clothing.

Speaking of Meadors, I interviewed her before the game about the experience of being an assistant on the U.S. national team coached by UConn's Geno Auriemma.

"It is a tremendous honor to No. 1 represent your country and No. 2, have the opportunity to work with Geno," Meadors said. "All coaches and everybody who is not on the floor watching him perform in practices don't understand the greatness that he has. The knowledge that he has gives that to the players and the players pick up on that. He has a great way about him in getting the best out of each player.

"I know he is running a lot of things he does at UConn but just his knowledge of the game and his perception of what everybody else can do and what they can bring. He is trying to put a puzzle together and so is the committee in selecting all of these players, he just has a knack for putting people in the right spot so that they are successful."

Meadors said that there hasn't been any specific separation of duties assigned to the staff like at UConn where Shea Ralph works with guards, Marissa Moseley coaches the post players.

"We really haven't had time to do all that, we've only had a few practices together," Meadors said. "That is the unfortunate thing for the United States is that we only get together a couple times and back in April when we were together, we maybe had five or six practices but we never did break down into position work, we felt like the team unity would be better if we put them in situations with the offense they've been running. He hasn't really touched on defense yet but I know it is coming."



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