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Monday, March 12, 2012

UConn flying under the radar?

There was a different vibe in these parts on Selection Monday.

With UConn not heading into the NCAA tournament as the defending champions for the first time the 2008-09 season, ESPN's selection show was not as much as a UConn love fest as in past years. It was appropriate that Baylor, the only undefeated team in the country and favorite to win the national title, was the team showcased on the show.

"I had to check to make sure we were a No. 1 seed. I thought they skipped right over us and somebody said you are old news and I said 'oh, we are.' So it doesn;t mean anything. I think the people that go to ESPN and people that go everywhere have the tendency when we had Tina (Charles), Maya (Moore), Renee (Montgomery) that it is all about us all the time almost to the embarrassment of the other teams. How about you talk about somebody else in the brackets and this year it is Baylor's turn so I think everybody else is playing to see who Baylor is going to beat in the Final Four. I've been there, I know what it's like."

Some UConn players, especially senior Tiffany Hayes, said they plan on using the lack of hoopla surrounding them as a source of motivation.

"I think we are not under the radar but we are definitely not the team everybody is talking about," Hayes said. "We will definitely surprise people if we win it all. This will be the best one (national title) to me if we can make it all the way because nobody expects us to win. We believe in ourselves and I think we can go out and win

""It is definitely motivation to me. Like anything, if somebody thinks you can't do something it makes you go and want to do it even more."



Anonymous Ferris Dunnigan said...

If Baylor does not win it all this year with Griner and Sims, that would speak volumes about Mulkey as a coach. If you cannot win the NCAA title with a Team USA guard and an athletic 6'8" center who blocks 5 shots per game while altering 10 shots per game, there is something wrong with your game day coaching.

9:11 AM 

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