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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Penn State offers different challenge for the Huskies

If nothing else we will get to see just how versatile this UConn women's basketball squad can be this week.

On Monday the Huskies dispatched a burly Maryland squad which featured a strong post presence but an inexperienced backcourt following the season-ending injuries suffered by starters Brene Moseley and Laurin Mincy.

The Penn State team playing the Huskies tomorrow are led by the veteran guard tandem of Alex Bentley and Maggie Lucas. With just two days of practice between the games, there wasn't much time for the Huskies to switch gears.

"You want to try to play as many different styles as you can throughout the season and certainly right now there is a big difference from Penn State's style of play and Maryland's style of play," UConn coach Geno Auriemma said. "That is good, I think that helps us. The Maryland game helped us recognize a few things we needed to isolate . CD (associate head coach Chris Dailey) made a point that when Maggie Lucas came out of high school she was a prolific shooter and probably their first two years at Penn State that is probably what she has done. I think now she is a little more of a scorer, she knows how to get buckets and Alex Bentley she runs the game for them, gets the ball where it needs to go. That guard combination is as good as anybody we are going to face all year long."

UConn spent the latter portion of practice running through the defensive game plan. One of the male practice players was asked the play the role of the sweet-shooting Lucas, a junior who has already surpassed the 200 mark in career 3-pointers, while another of the practice players was asked the run the offense like Bentley is able to be so ably.

"It is always good to have different types of challenges at the beginning of the year instead of later," said UConn senior wing Kelly Faris, who figures to draw the defensive assignment on Lucas. "You want to face a different kind of style of play in the beginning so you get a little taste of how certain teams are going to play."

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