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Monday, February 11, 2013

Huskies win the game before the game

As it turns out, yesterday's dismantling of DePaul was not the only competition of the weekend for the members of the UConn women's basketball team.

With campus closed due to the blizzard, there was no practice to take part in and no classes to attend so the Huskies did what so many other college students in the Northeast did in the middle of the seemingly endless amount of snow falling to the frozen tundra - they engaged in a snowball fight.

"It was epic, it was awesome," said a gleeful Stefanie Dolson. "We went against some random people because we went out during a blizzard so we couldn't see anyone so we didn't know who these people were but we just had an intense snowball fight with them but we won. They thought they won but we did."

But the Huskies did not limit their snow-covered itinerary to a mere snowball fight.

"We had an egg toss just among us but then they froze and we were split up like it was a normal egg toss and this side huddled up and started throwing them at us and they were like rocks, they froze over," Dolson said.

Although UConn coach Geno Auriemma was not around during these unscheduled team activities, he was not overly surprised to hear that they took place and that nearly the entire team participated.

"They like to do kids' things," Auriemma said. "They are the kind of team, they enjoy the time around each other. Some teams, they have to spend so much time together they look forward to not being around (each other). These guys look forward to being around each other, they find things to do that make them feel like kids. They get a kick out of that. "

Apparently snowball fights and egg tosses was not enough to keep all of the Huskies busy as some of them made it out to Gampel Pavilion to get some shots up.

"Kelly, Stef and those guys they wanted to work out yesterday, they wanted to practice," Auriemma said. "They were disappointed (practice was cancelled) so they enjoy practice, they enjoy working on their game and they enjoy each other's company."

Since campus was closed and a travel ban prevented the UConn coaches from making it to campus, UConn did not practice on either Friday or Saturday. It was my understanding that campus was also closed today but that is not the case so UConn can practice.

"The decision wasn't made by the school. the decision was made by (director of athletics) Warde (Manuel) and the Governor with the travel ban but the other thing is it is not about the players, it is about getting the staff people up here and both of those days it wasn't worth it," Auriemma said. "But we don't have that issue (today)."

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