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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Audience with President wraps up "nice week" for Breanna Stewart

As the UConn press conference on the grounds of the White House was wrapping up, tourists were peering through the steel bars trying to get a look at the Oval Office and many of them looked like they were about the same age as Huskies' phenom Breanna Stewart.

Stewart had no problems gaining entrance onto the facilities at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as she was not only one of the UConn players invited to meet with President Barack Obama to celebrate the Huskies' eighth national title but the President made it a point to highlight Stewart's wondrous run in the Final Four.

The amazing thing about Wednesday's festivities is that is was just one of the landmark moments she was part of in the last four days.

On Sunday Stewart had 16 points as the U.S. defeated France to win the FIBA U-19 World Championship for Women. Stewart is the first U.S. team to lead the U-19 squad in scoring more than once and joined fellow Husky Morgan Tuck and Duke rising sophomore Alexis Jones as the only U.S. players to win more than one U-19 gold medal.

"It has been a very exciting summer, come back from Lithuania and win a gold medal on Sunday and meet the President on Wednesday that is a pretty nice week," Stewart said. "I am happy to be here.

"I think it make you realize how many opportunities you get from basketball, being able to travel and if you succeed the opportunities continue and hopefully they will keep continuing."

Stewart finished as the tournament's fourth-leading scorer averaging 16.9 points per game and averaged 18.5 points per game in the semifinals and finals to earn MVP honors.

"I was happy with how I played," Stewart said. "It is nice to see the ball go in the hoop like that. It was obviously a team effort and I couldn't have done it without my teammates."

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Blogger JC said...

Jim -- the Boneyard is in an uproar over Stef's rabbit ears behind the President's head. Many won't be satisfied until they hear that Chris Dailey has imposed an appropriate (severe) punishment for this unforgivable violation of decorum. Maybe Stef should be suspended. I'm sure Chris will come up with with an appropriate punishment.

Please keep up updated.

I thought it was funny, but I'm in the minority.

8:21 PM 
Blogger Genosguy said...

just think Stewart, Tuck and Jefferson are just starting. Where can they go from here??
Maybe Championships 9,10,11??

It's possible if Wilson will join them at Uconn. Hope a hope a hope!!

8:39 PM 

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