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Saturday, February 08, 2014

A piece of basketball history UConn's Auriemma wants no part of

Geno Auriemma thought he had seen just about everything that could happen on a basketball court until he stumbled upon the wild scene taking place between the Los Angeles Lakes and Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday.

With injuries leaving the Lakers with eight available players. With injuries sidelining two more players and Chirs Kaman fouling out, Los Angeles had no more substitutes to insert into the game. So when Robert Sacre fouled out with 3:31 left to play it was time for chaos to take over.

With NBA rules preventing teams from playing with less than five players, Sacre was allowed to stay in the game but the Lakers would be assessed a technical foul with each foul he committed. Cleveland got to shoot a free throw following Sacre's sixth foul but he did not commit another foul the rest of the way as the Lakers would win the game 119-108.

With the UConn women's basketball team down to seven scholarship players until junior guard Brianna Banks returns from her latest ankle injury, I was curious what the Huskies might have been thinking while watching those circumstances unfold.

"I don't think I have ever seen that in all the time I have watched basketball," UConn coach Geno Auriemma said. "I don't know what the rule would be. You never say never but I hope we are never in that situation."

I spoke to a college official who said that the playing with a disqualified player is a NBA only rule so if this where to happen to the Huskies or any other college team, they would have to play with however many players they had remaining.

UConn senior center Stefanie Dolson had a game when that actually happened.

"I don't think about that but hopefully we are smart and we won't foul that much because we know teams are gong to do that (try to foul out the UConn players)," Dolson said. "I am sure they didn't expect on that at all. It could happen with us. I actually played with that at one time, I was in high school and everybody fouled out, it was both teams though. It was like a rec thing and both teams were fouling people out and it ended up being 3 on 3 at the end. It was terrible. I think I fouled out I was there for the 4 on 4 but then I fouled out."


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