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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sneak peek into what NCAA committee is thinking

UConn's impressive win over No. 1 and previously undefeated South Carolina on Monday was exactly five weeks before the NCAA tournament bracket will be released.

The NCAA selection committee, in an unprecedented move, not only went through the process of decided who should be the No. 1 seeds and the top 20 teams in the bracket, but also released the findings to the public.

It should not be a stunner that UConn was among the teams receiving a No. 1 seed (along with South Carolina, Notre Dame and Tennessee). UConn and Tennessee would be projected to meet in one national semifinal with South Carolina and Notre Dame on the other side of the bracket.

Arizona State, Baylor, California, Duke, Florida State, George Washington, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon State, Stanford, Texas A&M and Washington make up the rest of the top 20.

Obviously there's plenty of basketball to be played but I like the move by the committee to offer the fans a look into what they are thinking.


Anonymous Joe said...

Weird that Princeton couldn't crack the top 20 even with an undefeated season (so far).

Also weird that Baylor isn't a top seed.

10:54 PM 

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