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Saturday, February 04, 2017

UConn's Collier, Samuelson in select company

When your name is mentioned in the same breath as Kerry Bascom in discussions about UConn women's basketball, you are certainly doing something right.

Well, before this season Bascom is the only UConn women's player to see her scoring average jump by more than 10 points in one season - until now.

Bascom went from averaging 8.4 points per game as a freshman to putting up 22.6 per contest during her sophomore season.

Currently Napheesa Collier's scoring average is up 12.3 points from her freshman season and fellow sophomore Katie Lou Samuelson has made a jump of 10.7 points per game.

I've spent the last few days doing a little more research on this subject and among Division I women's players, Collier is eighth and Samuelson 12th in biggest scoring average improvement with Samuelson being the only player on the list who was a double-digit scorer a season ago. As a matter of fact, Samuelson and Collier have the two highest 2015-16 scoring averages of the players on the list.

Player, School                                    16-17 15-16  Tot  
Allison Arens, South Dakota                19.0  1.5   17.443
Madison Hovren, Army                        19.7  4.2   15.540
Cassie Broadhead, BYU                       18.7  3.9   15.301
Danni Williams, Texas A&M               17.5  3.1   14.361  Sunday vs. Auburn
Celia Garcia Paunero, Incarnate Word 17.5  4.2   13.373 
Candice White, Fresno State                14.5  1.2    13.318
Taylor Will, Brown                               14.4  1.7   12.754
Napheesa Collier, UConn                   19.1  6.8   12.306 Sunday vs. Tulsa
Sasha Dailey, Eastern Michigan           17.3  5.8   11.521
Destinee Walker, Radford                     14.4  3.3   11.065
Yasmine Robinson-Bacote, Pepperdine 15.3  4.5   10.827
Katie Lou Samuelson, UConn             21.7 11.0  10.667 Sunday vs. Tulsa
Jaycee Bradley, South Dakota                13.7  3.5   10.155
Micah Robinson, E. Michigan               10.6  0.4    10.208
Taylor Gordon, Utah Valley                  15.0  4.9   10.062

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