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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Everybody got involved against Marquette

At times it almost looked like the members of the UConn starting lineups drew straws to see whose turn it was to make a basket.

Exhibit A in this line of thinking is the first 3:55 of the game. Had Stefanie Dolson made a basket following the first of Caroline Doty's four 3-pointers, each of the five starters would have scored a basket in rapid succession.

It started with a Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis layup then a Bria Hartley jumper. Next up it was Kelly Faris scoring off a Hartley steal before Doty hit consecutive 3-pointers. Dolson was the last of the starters to get into the mix, hitting a jumper with 16:05 left in the first half.

Leafing through the UConn game notes and media guide, it looks as if the last time all five UConn starters hit double digits in points was in last season's Texas A&M game on Dec. 6, 2011. 

"We weren't caught up in what we were doing, we were just playing basketball at the same time focusing on the little things," Dolson said. "I think what we did was force them to turn the ball over and that created a lot of easy shots for us and we knocked a lot of them in.

"How may pints we had in the first half kind of showed how well things were clicking."

UConn had 51 points with 3:56 to play in the first half and seemed primed to make a run at the program record for most points in a half. The Huskies finished with 62, six shy of the mark.

Mosqueda-Lewis led the Huskies with 22 points, the seventh time she led the Huskies in scoring this season. Bria Hartley broke out of a shooting slump to finish with 20. Nobody was happier to see Hartley playing pressure free than UConn coach Geno Auriemma. He noticed that Hartley was uncharacteristically downtrodden in the two practices the Huskies after the St. John's game.

Hartley made Mosqueda-Lewis look like a clairvoyant as Kaleena told Hartley she would go 5 for 7 from 3-point range and that is exactly what she shot from downtown.

"Kaleena actually predicted it tonight. She came in and said I am going to need you to go 5 for 7 tonight and that is probably what I went," Hartley said.

"It was bothering me. I try not to show it but I might have showed it a little more these past couple of days. I know there are times this season when it is frustrating. Basketball is the main thing I think about, it is my life pretty much so when I am in practice and I don't have a good practice, I am going home thinking how I can improve and you can see the wheels turning. I am one of those kids that all I do is think about basketball all the time."

It wasn't all good news. Auriemma said he was expecting freshman Morgan Tuck to play but when Tuck said something didn't feel right in her troublesome right knee, she missed her fourth game of the season.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geno will use 6 against Baylor. Maybe 7. Geno's trust level goes way down against the Top 3.

Banks would have played significant minutes. Such a shame.

Stokes, Tuck, and Buck all suffer the same affliction on offense - panic and dropsies. So if Geno uses any of them, that is one less player for Baylor to worry about.

Jefferson will get lost amongst the trees if she drives on Griner. Her outside side is horrible.

Dolson must stay out of foul trouble. Stewart must toughen up and contribute more than standing outside the arc waiting for the ball.

Have a bad feeling about the Baylor game. Could be a blowout at home. Mulkey will send a message to WCBB.

8:29 AM 

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