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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Rabbit ear gate creating plenty of buzz

Apparently the decision of Stefanie Dolson and Kiah Stokes to unleash "rabbit ears" for President Barack Obama during a group photo at the White House has drawn the ire of a great many UConn fans.

UConn President Susan Herbst requested an explanation of what transpired based on the number of calls her office and the university has received.

UConn's sports information department provided the following timeline.

As Wednesday’s ceremony in the East Room of the White House was winding down, President Obama was posing with the team for a group picture.  As the cameras were flashing the president quipped to the players behind him on the stage, “Alright, no rabbit ears now.”

Everyone laughed and after a moment he exclaimed, “Ok, you can go ahead (with the rabbit ears).”

Here is a link to the youtube video which includes the "rabbit ears" portion of the photo shoot. You can fast forward to 8:14 to see the portion that features the most famous "rabbit ears" photo I've ever heard of.

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Blogger Genosguy said...

If there is a team with more class or follow with more decorum other than UConn Women, I don't know who they may be.
Geno and Christine would not put up with disrespecting ANYONE much less the Commander in Chief.
Christine and Geno love America and would not dis Obama (now I would). Dolson and the kids and the president were all fooling around and joking--it was light hearted--it's a shame anyone is making more of it than it deserves. These kids are NOT full of themselves--they respect even me and you--come on, blame Obama if you want to blame anyone. If he really stands tall an tells the world it was OK with him--I'll respect HIM.

9:02 PM 

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