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Sunday, February 05, 2017

Chong delivers again as UConn rolls past Tulsa

Saniya Chong's gaudy assist/turnover ratio has received plenty of attention this season but the senior guard is proving to be more than somebody who can kick the ball to one of her higher-scoring teammates.

With energy lagging early in today's game against Tulsa, Chong was perhaps the player with the most bounce in her step.

She had the first of UConn's season-high 32 assists and also had an early basket en route to finishing with 17 points, a season high seven rebounds, seven assists, two steals and a blocked shot in the 96-50 victory.

It marked the fourth time this season that Chong had at least 10 points, five assists and no turnovers.

UConn coach Geno Auriemma said that other than Napheesa Collier (who had game highs with 24 points and nine rebounds) that Chong might have positively impacted the game more than any other player.

Chong was happy to be that person who provides on-court leadership and play like the senior that she is.

"For three years being here, the coaches know what I can do," Chong said after the 10th game this season without a turnover. "I know that because my teammates know me that I have to go out there, play my hardest and be happy. I want to leave this year and say I accomplished something.

"Just having that trust from my teammates knowing that I can give them the ball and be very helpful."

If there was a negative from her performance it was missing about the most wide open layup she will ever get after grabbing one of her three offensive rebounds.

"I don't know what happened there, I don't even want to think about it," Chong said. "I was all by myself, I don't know how but I was there waiting for the rebound to come down, easiest shot and I totally blew it."

Chong now has 81 assists and 19 turnovers. For those scoring at home, she has 4.26 assists for every turnover she has committed this season. It is not only the top single-season mark in program history but is so far ahead of the next best mark that it is staggering.

Here's the list with a player needing to average at least two assists per game to make it on here with three of the top 13 marks being posted this season

Player Year A/TO  Ratio
Chong 16-17 81/19 4.26
Jefferson 14-15 191/62 3.08
Jefferson 13-14 195/66 2.95
Jefferson 15-16 204/72 2.83
Duran 98-99 91/35 2.60
Taurasi 02-03 115/45 2.56
Taurasi 01-02 208/83 2.51
Bird 01-02 231/93 2.48
Stewart 15-16 147/60 2.45
Nurse 16-17 93/38 2.45
Abrosimova 00-01 78/33 2.36
Swanier 06-07 146/64 2.28
Williams 16-17 119/53 2.25
Baer 90-91 109/49 2.22
Webber 94-95 144/65 2.22
Tuck 15-16 114/53 2.15
Ralph 00-01 122/57 2.14
Faris 11-12 165/78 2.12
Faris 12-13 156/74 2.11
Swanier 07-08 153/73 2.10
Hartley 13-14 173/83 2.08
Ralph 99-00 181/90 2.01
Bird 99-00 160/80 2.00
Conlon 02-03 130/65 2.00
Dixon 10-11 106/53 2.00
Moore 09-10 150/75 2.00

Collier posted her 12th game with at least 20 points this season, Katie Lou Samuelson was held without a 3-pointer for the first time all season but has scored in double figures in all 22 games while Gabby Williams was limited to seven minutes in the first half because UConn coach Geno Auriemma didn't like the way she was playing and in particular her body language. Williams played the entire third quarter and had nine points, three rebounds, four assists, five steals and a blocked shot in the quarter.

"I don't even know whether it is physical or mental, but she is not feeling right," Auriemma said. "It's been like that the last couple of days, a week maybe, it just hasn't been , she is a little bit out of sorts right now. I could see it in the first half and I thought it would be the best to give her a chance to sit and watch. She played great in the second half, sometimes you just need to be removed from it. She was just frustrated, you could see it all over her. I hate to see guys out on the court like that."

The game, at least statistically, was a 180-degree shift from Wednesday's game against Temple. In that contest the Huskies couldn't miss in the first half but struggled to make shots in the second half.

Against Tulsa UConn was 15 for 36 in the first half including 2 of 13 from 3-point range but in the second half the Huskies were 20 fro 25 at one point before finishing with a 72.7 field-goal percentage.


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